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Shelley is a resource, and an ally, going through the breast cancer journey. Her first hand knowledge makes her The Friend you want beside you going through surgery and treatment. She will stand for you, educate you and give you as many options as possible in western and integrative therapy so you feel cancer is a battle you can win!

Jane Halpern, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Shelley is the go-to person if you or a loved one get a cancer diagnosis.Shelley is the person I reccommend to firends with cancer diagnosis. With a rare blend of knowledge, perspective, wisdom and life force, Shelley can help someone through dark days. 

Dr. Harriet L. NYC, NY


Ms. Dodt is a kind and compassionate lady which are traits that perfectly complement her academic credentials.  I have encountered her compassion as well when I went through a breast cancer scare in 2010. She was my rock and support and helped me tide through a very difficult period. People like Ms. Dodt are rare to find. But the human element in her personality makes her stand apart. I would recommend her to anyone.


Alka Ahuja PhD.



"My mother was diagnosed two years ago and Shelley was the first call I made! She talked to me honestly and candidly about what to expect, questions to ask and alternatives to explore. She was a constant support through the process offering advice and guidance. My mother has fully recovered, but Shelley continues to provide guidance as now we are dealing with other family members with a cancer diagnosis. Talking to Shelley made us all feel empowered with information and made me know everything was going to be ok".


Robin Hicks Nunley, Stuart, FL

After months of chemo, two extensive surgeries and multiple rounds of radiation, my "margins' were not clear

and I remained a ticking time bomb. Fortunately, I met Shelley Dodt who urged me to look into proton radiation.


Within a few days, I met with a doctor who began the process and the rest is history. My blood work is good and it appears that I am in the clear! All I can say is that Shelley D's dedication and expertise may have in fact saved my life.

 G-d Bless her.


In gratitude, 

Shelley A., NYC

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