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Let me help you navigate the confusing maze of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I work for YOU as a coach and advocate for YOUR well-being. I work independently for the individual cancer client.

You are not alone, we are all touched by cancer.

When you hear the words, "You have cancer.", you are suddenly forced to learn  many things at the worst moment in your life. As a fellow survivor, oncology patient navigator and cancer coach, I can help you by guiding you through the journey. I can teach you how to get through the process and enhance your chances to have the best outcome possible. Busy healthcare providers rarely have the time to offer personalized individual attention and that is why I offer my services as the Mindful Cancer Coach. Why Mindful? Mindfulness teaches us to be aware of our mind and body in the right now. Right now is the time for you to begin your journey back to wellness. Call me, Shelley Dodt LCSW, 772 631-3704 at The Mindful Path/ A Cottage for Counseling, I can help.


You can save time, money and your health by learning about your diagnosis, treatment and how to get on your best path for a well informed journey to recovery. I offer programs tailored to your individual needs at reasonable prices. 

Relax and lets talk about your strategic plan for getting through cancer in my comfortable office. 

Visit Us

508 SE Osceola Street

Stuart, FL 34994
Tel: 772 631-3704

Secondary location

Mind Matters

5606 PGA Blvd Suite #113

Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418

561 296-3211

​We work together to:


  • Create a Comprehensive Assessment

  • Reduce anxiety through mindful relaxation/breathing.

  • Formulate questions to ask your doctor.

  • Explore options, integrative medicine and clinical trials. Find second opinion options.

  • Manage treatment related side effects, what to expect.

  • Promote nutrition, exercise and avoidance of environmental exposures to carcinogens.

  • Promote self-care and caregiver support. 

  • Organize your medical information folder.

  • Distress thermometer check-in to see how well you are managing.

  • Develop long term survivorship plan and work to  prevent reccurrence.

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